• Commercial Insecticides

    Acelepryn 750ml

    A new generation in turf insect control containing 200g/L of the active Chlorantraniliprole. Acelepryn offers...

    Analysis: 200g/L Chlorantraniliprole
    Price$500.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Systemic Insecticide

    Acelepryn GR 10kg

    ACELEPRYN Insecticide provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control in a single application. It...

    Analysis: 2 g/kg Chlorantraniliprole
    Price$137.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Amgrow Winter Grass Killer 100ml

    Winter Grass Killer for selective control of winter grass in many turf types.

    Analysis: 175g/L Endothal
    Price$24.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Combination Herbicide and Fertiliser

    Andersons Oxa-Pro (Fertiliser +10g/Kg Oxadiazon Herbicide) 20kg

    A Buffalo safe controlled release fertiliser with a pre-emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass and crabgrass.

    Analysis: 15-2-8 + 10g/kg Oxadiazon (40% CRN)
    Price$121.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Combination Herbicide and Fertiliser

    Andersons Pendi-Pro (Fertiliser + 7.5g/Kg Pendimethalin Herbicide) 20kg

    A controlled release fertiliser with a pre-emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass and crabgrass in turf.

    Analysis: 22:0:5 + 7.5g/Kg Pendimethalin
    Price$85.80 inc. GSTDetails
  • Systemic Fungicide

    Banol Turf & Ornamental 1lt

    A systemic fungicide containing 600g/L of Propamocarb for the control of pythium diseases in turf,...

    Analysis: 600g/L Propamocarb
    Price$215.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Pre-emergent

    Barricade 1lt

    A pre-emergent with extended residual activity on Winter Grass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range of turf species.

    Analysis: 480g/L Prodiamine
    Price$214.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Bin- Die 500ml

    A reliable broadleaf weeder containing Bromoxynil and MCPA, Safe for Buffalo lawns

    Analysis: 200g/L Bromoxynil + 200g/L MCPA
    Price$14.00$39.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Bow & Arrow 500ml

    A selective broadleaf herbicide for most broadleaf weeds and safe for use on Buffalo

    Analysis: 300g/L MCPA + 20g/L Clopyralid + 15g/L Diflufenican
    Price$55.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Fungicides

    Bumper 625 1lt

    BUMPER® 625 is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 625 g/L of the active ingredient Propiconazole....

    Analysis: 625g/L Propiconazole
    Price$98.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Casper 1 kg

    Casper, a unique herbicide containing dicamba and prosulfuron for the post emergent control of certain broadleaf weeds.

    Analysis: 500g/kg dicamba, 50g/kg prosulfuron
    Price$99.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Contact Fungicide

    Chlortan 720 1lt

    Chlortan Chlorothalonil 720 Fungicide is a broad spectrum non-systemic (contact) fungicide for turf

    Analysis: 720 g/L Chlorothalonil
    Price$49.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Clear Up Bio 1lt

    A non-selective herbicide containing 360g/L of Glyphosate for systemic control of a range of weeds...

    Analysis: 360g/L Glyphosate
    Price$27.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Compel Pro 5lt (Bifenthrin)

    Compel Pro for Bifenthrin knockdown control of a range of pests including Beetles, Army Worm and Ants in turf

    Analysis: 100g/L Bifenthrin
    Price$165.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Destiny Herbicide 250grms

    A selective turf herbicide containing 100g/kg of Iodosulfuron. Registered for the post-emergent control of certain...

    Analysis: 100g/Kg Iodosulfuron
    Price$645.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Double Time 1 Ltr

    A trusted selective herbicide for most broadleaf weeds, not suitable for Buffalo varieties

    Analysis: 80g/L Dicaba 340g/L MCPA
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Freehand Herbicide 22.7 kg

    Freehand pre emergent herbicide is labeled for the control over 60 of the toughest, most troublesome weeds.

    Analysis: 10g/kg PENDIMETHALIN 7.5g/kg DIMETHENAMID-P
    Price$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Systemic Fungicide

    Heritage MAXX 1lt

    Trusted chemistry for Australian turf professionals. It is registered for the control of a range key turfgrass pathogens

    Analysis: 95g/L Azoxystrobin
    Price$149.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Javelin 10lt

    A combination product containing MCPA, Clopyralid and Diflufenican. Provides outstanding control of the major broadleaf...

    Analysis: 300g/L MCPA + 20g/L Clopyralid + 15g/L Diflufenican
    Price$198.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial

    Kamba M 5Ltr

    Selective control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in most turf situations. Not for Buffalo varieties

    Analysis: 80g Dicamba 340g MCPA
    Price$149.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Systemic Fungicide

    Lexicon Intrinsic

    Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide is an effective, broad spectrum turf fungicide that provides the ultimate protection.

    Analysis: 167g/L fluxapyroxad + 333 g/L pyraclostrobin
    Price$385.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Malice Duo Advanced Miticide 1lt

    Malice Duo Advanced Miticide is a suspension concentrate formulation, is registered for the control of Couch Mite

    Analysis: Abamectin 18g/L and Clofentezine 187.5g/L
    Price$220.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Knockdown Insecticide

    Meridian 1kg

    A broad spectrum insecticide that controls a wide spectrum of sucking and chewing pests in...

    Analysis: 250g/Kg Thiamethoxan
    Price$95.70 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Monument Liquid 100ml

    An early post-emergent and residual control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii and many more weeds is Couch and Zoysia's

    Analysis: 100g/L Trifloxysulfuron- sodium
    Price$190.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    PoaChek 1lt

    For the selective control of annual winter grass in blue couch, common couch, bent, buffalo...

    Analysis: 175g/L Endothal
    Price$104.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Knockdown Insecticide

    Pride 1lt

    For the systemic and selective control of first instar larvae of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and insects

    Analysis: 200g/L Imidacloprid
    Price$71.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    Pride 5lt

    For the systemic and selective control of first instar larvae of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and insects

    Analysis: 200g/L Imidacloprid
    Price$148.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Herbicides

    Pro Force Duke 100 WG 100grms

    Pro Force Selective Herbicide for control of many broadleaf and grass weeds in turf including Onion weed & Onion Grass

    Analysis: 100g/kg Iodosulfuron methyl sodium
    Price$210.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Sedgehammer 25grm

    For the post-emergence control of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch in turf. Very safe on most turf species.

    Analysis: 750g/Kg Halosulfuron-methyl
    Price$65.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Surefire Propyzamide 500 SC 1Ltr

    Surefire Propyzamide 500 is a selective herbicide for use on Wintergrass in warm season grasses.

    Analysis: 500g/L Propyzamide
    Price$80.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Knockdown Insecticide

    Thumper Miticide 1lt

    Thumper Miticide and Nematicide is a Micro Emulsion formulation of 20g/L Abamectin. Developed specifically for...

    Analysis: 20g/L Abamectin
    Price$159.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Contact Fungicide

    Tombstone Duo 500ml

    Tombstone Duo is a broad spectrum fungicide containing the active ingredients Trifloxystrobin and Tebuconazole

    Analysis: Trifloxystrobin (100g/L) and Tebuconazole (200g/L)
    Price$210.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Systemic Fungicide

    Transact Pro 500 5lt

    A reliable, high analysis water-based, fungicide ideal for broadacre application containing 500g/L Iprodione. For the...

    Analysis: 500g/L Iprodione (water based)
    Price$214.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Post Emergent

    Tribute 1lt

    For the selective control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass and Crowsfoot in hybrid and common couch turf.

    Analysis: 22.5g/L Foramsulfuron
    Price$210.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Knockdown Insecticide

    Zeus 1ltr (Bifenthrin)

    Zeus Bifenthrin controls various insects in structures and insect, mite pests in a variety of crops including turf.

    Analysis: 100g/L BIFENTHRIN
    Price$60.00 inc. GSTDetails
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