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Lawn Addicts also has access to other quality fertilisers that you will need around your home,  for your fruit trees, roses, vegetables and other ornamental and flowering plants at very competitive prices.  Message use if you require advice or are sourcing something more specific.

  • General Purpose

    Organic KikStart 20kg

    KikStart provides essential nutrients in a natural form that promote soil health and plant growth....

    Analysis: Nitrogen 3.0% Phosphorous 2.6% Potassium 1.5% Plus Trace Elements
    Price$33.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • General Purpose

    Prolific Blue AN 20kg

    An economical compound fertiliser delivering plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and many trace elements...

    Analysis: 12.0 - 5.2 - 14.1 + 1.2 Mg
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
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