Grass, sedge & broadleaf weed herbicide A herbicide is a chemical pesticide that is used to control unwanted plants or weeds. At Lawn Addicts, we have everything from non-selective glyphosate-based herbicide to sensitive buffalo grass weed killers for bindii, catsear and most common weeds.Read More

Herbicides essentially come in three forms:

Non-selective herbicides

Offer a broad spectrum protection that kills most weeds shortly after contact.

Selective herbicides

A compound that alters common growth characteristics with the mode of action within a selection of plants, leaving other plants unaffected.

Pre-emergent herbicides

A pre-emergent is also form of selective herbicide that remains residual in your soil profile to inhibit any germination of unwanted seeds in your lawn.

Product labels and safety precautions must be followed.

At Lawn Addicts, we offer specialised lawn care programs, based on accurate turf and weed identification.

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