Lawn care resources

Turf and weed identification advice

At Lawn Addicts, we’re passionate about helping you get the best results for your turf. If you think your grass isn’t growing the way it should be, we have the experienced eye to help you weed out the issue.

No matter what type of warm or cool season grasses you’re trying to grow – from buffalo to kikuyu, couch and zoysia grass – our team is familiar with each type of grass and what it needs to maintain optimum health.

With experience in turf identification and weed identification, we specialise in recommending the unique lawn care products to suit your grass type and weed. Lawn Addicts can help with everything from broadleaf weeds such as bindii and clover, to grass weeds and sedges.

Disease and grass insect identification guide

Damage from turf diseases and pests can look quite similar, but it’s important to get your grass insect identification or disease identification right to ensure the best lawn care program. As self-confessed lawn addicts, we can help you identify why your grass isn’t performing the way it should be, and recommend a targeted treatment that won’t hurt your turf.

Identify your lawn problem

We help you identify your issue and match it to the perfect product