Spray Adjuvants

Lawn Addicts has a range of products to aid the application of liquid products, including spray adjuvants, markers, colourants and wetting agents. Ask us about the best lawn care products available online to improve spray droplet consistency, spray pattern visibility and to assist with even coverage.Read More

We also have non-ionic surfactants to improve spray adhesion and even something on the sly to help those desperate for a bit of colour!

No matter your grass identification, we can help bring out the best results with specialist products ranging from catsear herbicide for buffalo grass, kikuyu and couch varieties.

  • Spray coverage indicator

    Big Foot Blue Spray Marker 5lt

    A blue turf grass spray pattern indicator which allows accurate and economical application of chemicals....

  • Surfactants

    Holdfast 500ml

    A non-ionic wetter/spreader/penetrant for use with our herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers

  • Surfactants

    Umbrella 905 5lt

    Umbrella 905 is a sticking/spreader agent for use with pesticides. When used as a sticker...

    Analysis: 905g/L di-1-p-Menthene
  • Pigment

    Vision Pro 1lt

    Green pigment colourant and spray coverage indicator to aid spray application. A premium natural coloured...

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