Shorter Lawns

Lawn Addicts supplies a smaller grade controlled-release granular fertilisers for shorter lawns.

These granular fertilisers refer to a medium end of granular prill size, best suited to shorter-cut lawns and lawns that have a tighter canopy.

Commonly prill size can range from  around 1.5 or indicated as SGN150.

Most fertilisers require watering in, while other slower releases are quite safe to the plant without watering in.

Most of our fertilisers contain the macro nutrient iron in various forms, so may result in staining if left in contact with pavement and surfaces. Product labels and safety precautions must be followed.

Choosing the right fertiliser depends on accurate grass identification. Lawn Addicts has a wide range of fertilisers and lawn care products to suit specific turf needs.

We can also supply selective herbicides to keep your turf in top condition.

Identify your lawn problem

We help you identify your issue and match it to the perfect product