Autumn in many parts of the country is the most important season of the year, what you do now determines how well your lawn will go through dormancy and the vigour it responds to springtime temperatures.

With warm season grasses, the plant undergoes changes in preparation for winter and dormancy, it’s important the lawn is fed with what it needs so it can build its carbohydrate reserves it needs to make it through.

Cool season grasses recommence their vigorous growth coming out of the stresses of summer, so needing vital nutrients and growth stimulant for recovery.

It is the time we do the last of our maintenance practices involving scarification, a light renovation, height resets and oversowing of our warm season lawns.

We also dethatch and oversow our cool season lawns ready for the winter.

Things to also consider is pest management like weeds, insects and disease.  Scheduled applications of pre emergent herbicides, grub or larvae control and also preventative applications of fungicides to manage active ERI pathogens during this period such as Spring Dead Spot.  All of these need to be considered for a great lawn.

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