Grass insect identification

A guide to turf insect identification

Several insects and mites feed on your lawn, but not all of them cause health or aesthetic damage. While many insects are harmless and even beneficial, some are pests. Only a few cause enough damage to be a problem and they need immediate control. Read More

At Lawn Addicts, we specialise in grass insect identification. Correct identification of the pest can save money and prevent unnecessary pesticide applications.

No matter the type of grass you have, from warm season varieties like couch and buffalo grass, to bent grass and other cool season grasses, we can correctly identify common turf insects and recommend the most effective insecticides and lawn care products available online.

Insects are only one of many potential causes for thin or brown grass. Turf diseases, environmental stress and nutritional disorders can also be damaging. Try to see the grass insects for yourself to confirm it is a pest.

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