If you need greens-grade granular fertiliser, message the experts at Lawn Addicts. We provide a selection of controlled-release greens-grade fertilisers, available to buy online. Greens-grade granular fertilisers refer to a small granular prill size, best suited for shorter-cut lawns with a tighter canopy that allows the prill to fall through to the soil.Read More

Prill size is important in greens-grade fertiliser, as larger prill will lay on the surface – likely burning the leaf before being mowed up.

Common prill size can can range from a 1.5 mm or SGN150 “mini prill”  down to a SGN75 “micro prill” of less than 1 mm with dispersing technology.

Most greens-grade fertilisers require watering in.

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We can also identify grass insects and weeds that might be inhibiting your turf from healthy growth.

Please note that product labels and safety precautions must be followed. Most of our fertilisers contain the macro nutrient iron in various forms which can result in staining if left in contact with pavements and other surfaces.

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