Soil Improvement

  • Amino Acid Products

    Amendment for Soil 4 x 1 litre

    Taking your lawn to the next level with Soil Amendments, this Bio Active pack contains everything your soils needs.

    Analysis: Kelpro, Fertech Bio, UMX Liquid and Hydrolink Advance
    Price$118.80 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Anderson’s DG Lime 25kg

    A highly dispersible greens grade lime formulation ideal for maintenance application or for use during...

    Analysis: 30% Calcium 4%Magnesium
    Price$66.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Greensgrade

    Andersons A-TEP Micro Package 20kg

    Premium 125SGN micro-granule, delivering a comprehensive trace element package to the soil. Contains 12% Mg,...

    Analysis: .12 %Mg 8%Fe 3%Mn 1%Zn 0.5%Cu
    Price$121.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Andersons Black Gypsum DG Greens Grade 20kg

    Black Gypsum DG delivers Calcium, Sulfur and Humate (a rich source of Carbon) directly to the soil.

    Analysis: Calcium, Sulfur and Humates
    Price$88.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Andersons HUMIC DG Greens Grade 20kg

    Humic DG combines The Andersons patented DG technology with Humate and Humic Acid Precursor.

    Analysis: Humic Acid (derived from leonardite) 62%
    Price$132.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Anti Alk

    ANTI ALK will assist in reducing the soil pH when applied to alkaline soils. ANTI...

    Analysis: 380g/l Phosphoric Acid
    Price$35.00$180.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Dolomite Greens Grade (WDG) 20 kg

    A greens grade gypsum option for application to fine cut turf. Ideal for correcting calcium deficiencies

    Analysis: 21% Calcium, 12% Magnesium
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Growth Hormone Products

    Fertech Bio

    Fertech Bio contains blended seaweed concentrate, fish emulsion, fulvic acid and plant hormones, and Triocontanol

    Analysis: 4-1-1 + Plant Growth Hormones
    Price$29.70$180.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Fast Response

    Fertech Calculus

    Ideal for foliar delivery of calcium to overcome and prevent calcium deficiencies. Helps to offset the effects of sodium

    Analysis: 15% Calcium (Ca) as Manni Plex Sugar Alcohol Complex
    Price$29.70$180.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Bio Stimulants and Plant Hormones

    Fertech Kelpro

    This highly concentrated liquid KELP extract that contains 35% w/v Tasmanian Bull Kelp which provides...

    Analysis: 0-2-8 35% Kelp Concentrate
    Price$29.70$300.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Green Turf Gypsum (Greens Grade) 25kg

    A greens grade gypsum option for application to fine cut turf. Ideal for correcting calcium deficiencies

    Analysis: 23% Calcium 18% Sulphur
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Gyp Flo Liquid 20lt

    The Ultimate Clay Breaker.  A high-quality liquid gypsum ideal for use in broadcast spraying or...

    Analysis: Liquid Gypsum
    Price$206.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    KwikGyp Liquid Gypsum 1 Litre

    KwikGyp is a concentrated high analysis liquid micronised gypsum. Easy and very efficient way to apply Gypsum

    Analysis: 35% (Ca) Calcium 25% (S) Sulphur
    Price$29.70 inc. GSTDetails
  • Inoculates

    Noculate Liquid 10lt

    Noculate Liquid is proprietary blended biological product containing 24 strains of beneficial soil microorganisms, humic...

    Analysis: Beneficial Bacteria
    Price$385.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Sandy Amendment 3 x 1 litre

    Sandy Amendment Pack is a specialised amendment pack that is suited specifically for USGA or sandy profiles.

    Analysis: 1 lt Kelpro, 1 lt UMX Liquid, 1 lt Hydrolink Profile
    Price$108.90 inc. GSTDetails
  • Humates, Humic and Fulvic Acid

    UMX Liquid (Humic & Fulvic Acid)

    A high quality liquid formulation of humic & fulvic containing high levels of organic carbon....

    Analysis: 12% Humic Acid 3% Fulvic Acid 4% Potassium
    Price$29.70$165.00 inc. GSTDetails
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