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At Lawn Addicts, we love our lawn and we love to help you care for your lawn. Our Geelong retail and national online store provides home lawn enthusiasts around the country access to a large range of professional lawn care products that are not conventionally available to the domestic market. With our product knowledge, advice and caring family business service, you can enjoy the same products the professionals use – at very competitive prices from our shop in Geelong or delivered to your door! Read More

If your lawn health is the concern, our turf identification resource centre and online help is here to help identify grass insects, weeds and disease and recommend the best product available to remedy your lawn. We will help you dominate your neighbours!

Simply message our team with a description of the problem and a photo, and leave it with our experienced green thumbs.

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Select from our large range of premium fertilisers and amendment products for the greenest, lushest of lawns. Whether you’re looking for insecticides, fungicides or selective herbicides for your buffalo grass, couch or kikuyu, we have access to top-quality lawn care products.

Lawn Addicts’ owner Ryan has developed relationships with other professionals in the lawn care field, meaning we can provide you with professional-grade products at great prices.

Weed and turf identification advice

When it comes to weed identification, we can help you ‘weed out’ any problem, in any type of turf. No matter whether you’re trying to grow warm or cool season grass, we can help keep your lawn consistent.

At Lawn Addicts, we have a huge range of selective and non-selective herbicides, including buffalo grass weed killer, bindii killer, broadleaf herbicide and products to treat sedges, grass weeds and broadleaf weeds.

Grass disease and turf insect identification

Our turf insect identification guide will help you pinpoint which pest is harming your lawn. If you can’t match the damage to an insect, take a look at our grass disease guide to determine whether it could be a grass disease or fungus taking over your lawn.

Once you know what the problem is, we can recommend the best lawn care programs to bring the lushness back to your lawn, using insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

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