Amino Acid Products

  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Complete 20lt

    A liquid turf fertiliser with a high N:K ratio and added iron for enhanced turf...

    Analysis: NPK 18:0:12 +Fe 50% CRN +Amino Acids
    Price$195.00Detailsor 4 payments from $48.75 with Afterpay
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Greens & Tees 20lt

    A balanced liquid fertiliser containing equal ratios of N and K making it ideal for...

    Analysis: 10-0-10 50%CRN+Fe EDTA Chelate + Amino Acids
    Price$175.00Detailsor 4 payments from $43.75 with Afterpay
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Refine 20lt

    A 1:2 ratio NK fertiliser containing 60% N as proprietary Brandt Nurture N Methylene Urea...

    Analysis: 10-0-20 60% +Fe EDTA Chelate +Amino Acids
    Price$185.00Detailsor 4 payments from $46.25 with Afterpay
  • Amino Acid Products

    Hydrolink React 10lt

    Hydrolink React rapidly overcomes the issues associated with dry patch both in the soil and within the plant

    Analysis: Active Ingredient: 50% Blend of Polymeric Surfactants. 10% L-Form Amino Acid Concentrate. 40% Inert Ingredients
    Price$330.00Detailsor 4 payments from $82.50 with Afterpay
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