Professional lawn care products online

Lawn Addicts’ owner Ryan Yockins always appreciated a nice lawn but didn’t know as much about lawn care as he wanted. After finally achieving a manicured lawn, the cost of maintaining it was enough motivation for Ryan to carry out his own research on various products and raw ingredients available. He studied why some products with differing compounds and molecular technologies worked better than others.  Applying much of this learning he started his own manufacturing and blending formations for his own trials, resulting in an extensive understanding of the product he needed for his lawn.  By this time Ryan had found himself quite a large social media following.

Often asked by his followers wanting to share his success, the lack of availability of this level of professional lawn care product is not easily accessed.  He couldn’t point them too anything  that worked reliably, was suitable for the domestic market let alone a supplier that would provide it at a reasonable cost. Most products intended for the residential market from hardware stores don’t produce results, they lack the technology and are derived from cheap raw materials to make the most money for them, and are just a waste of cash.

Being tired of companies and their brands, peddling products with claims he just wasn’t seeing, finding they’re essentially diluted poor grade bulk professional products sold at a premium. So he took things into his own hands, developing strong relationships with professionals in the industry and only dealing with suppliers with the level of product he wanted to share with them, the range he has here today.

As a self-confessed lawn addict, Ryan takes pride in sharing all his knowledge, and isn’t ashamed to ask and find out what he doesn’t know. And with a network of industry leading connections, he’s able to provide customers with the same high grade products the professionals use, at great prices.

From selective herbicides to slow-release fertilisers, insecticides and plant growth regulators, Ryan can help and, if required, source the expert knowledge to deliver the best products and the best results for your turf.

Turf and weed identification

Turf identification is crucial when it comes to choosing the best lawn care programs for your grass. Ryan has the extensive knowledge to pinpoint the solution for your particular grass variety, as well as identify weeds, insects and diseases preventing your grass from looking its best.

Identify your lawn problem

We help you identify your issue and match it to the perfect product