Welcome to your Superintendent

Using Superintendent was always intended to be simple, accessible, dependable and yours.  When you initially log in, you are presented with your own dashboard where access is made to your account details and Superintendent.

Want to see it in action? Watch this quick video below:


Here is a breakdown of how it all works:


  1. Orders gives you access to your purchase history, yes we hang on this for you too, it makes it easier to recall products and comparisons.
  2. Subscriptions keeps you keep track and updated with your subscription status.
  3. My Plans is where you save your short cut, for fast access of your plans and current products with your subscription.
  4. Addresses are the subscribers’ or account holders billing and shipping addresses for convenient updating
  5. Account Details is the subscribers name and security, for easy password access.

Your Superintendent Timeline

You will see on your own timeline cells adjacent to the products on the left, each cell represents one week.  I have found week increments are more user friendly with scheduling and easier planning around.  Rather than planning to a specific date which is almost all cases not necessary nor possible due to weather and commitments/life.  We need to be able to easily identify and forecast when the next application is due at a glance and the moment we make an application.

Reccomended Applications

There are coloured squares we have put on your plan with a pencil logo, is where you should apply the respective product.  Entering detail is as simple as touching your device at that point or clicking a mouse.  A popup with the recommended date appears (most cases we will make this Saturday it’s the end of the recommended week). Sunday is the last day of the application or highlighted week the plan has the smarts to recalculate to the date you actually applied the product, so if its a bit early or late it doesn’t matter.  There is also a notes section, use this to take specific notes on that particular application such as application rate, if you did something different, comment whatever you like, it is there for your records in the future.

Entry Before Saving

On saving your application you will find it calculates and loads a gradient of diminishing colour following the application, time to reapply is when is clearing.


We have already forecasted your product, so the next application should be close or due.  In some granular fertilising instances, we might recommend “stacking” applications around renovation or “stretching” applications in dormancy. Once the application entry is saved that’s locked away you cannot access this to alter it. Entries with a note have and eye symbol to represent this, touch this to view.

Populated Note

The intention of locking the plan is to prevent any changes or alterations done to the plan we aren’t aware of. Do not exceed the number of applications recommended for a product in that 12-month period of the plan, you will see most curative pesticides at the bottom of the plan have weeks 1,2 and 3 populated, these are for you to use anytime throughout the year when needed. Unpredictable and local factors can influence the results such as rain events, extraordinary weather patterns even just the accuracy of the data supplied, so we may need to amend forecasting applications in unusual circumstances.  We have built in this flexibility to tune your plan, wanting to maximise it’s accuracy going forward, so we like your feedback.

Please remember spare curative pesticide applications are stacked in the opening weeks of the year, they are not scheduled.  Refer to your plan notes.

Superintendent is designed as a dynamic tool and relies on communication, simply email us your queries and we will have a look at your plan and support you.  Being a subscriber your service is prioritised.  We have access to your plan on our end, assess your progress, dates and comments make alterations and recommendations.  This 12 month service is included in your plan purchase.  When its time for re-subscription to your plan, by then it will be tuned and you’ll have full access to start building then following years plan yourself.

Your renewal includes provisions for you to include any curative applications for your own records and will allow you to enter your own applications of any products. Plus we take PGR Tracking to the next level with retrieving your local  data and automatically tracking your GDD.  Once activated, simply add your postcode, use the GDD setting to generate the first application default is 0 so appears immediately.  Enter the application date and product then set the GDD to the desired setting, normally 170-200. When not in use you can manage the notifications in the settings section of your plan, they are turned off by default.

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General points to remember with lawn care and products.

  • Always follow the product labels and rates, we have built Superintendent with you in mind. Links to products information are below your timeline for direct access so information is at your fingertips. Please follow labels and recommendations, know your sprayer calibration.
  •  Use highest allowed rates of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide pesticides to target your issue, weaker or poorly applied product can result in an unsuccessful treatment which may lead to a partial kill and a premature pesticide resistance.
  • Try to avoid foliar spray applications above 28˚C, above these temperatures the plants stomata or pores start closing, so there is little or no effect from the product and you run high risk of burning the plant, wait till the evening or a cooler day.
  •  Regulate fertilising rates and awareness to do this according to growth and seasons is very important, your lawn growing is only capable of certain levels of nutrients, over application can result in unnatural or unhealthy growth that will only result in more management from you. Likewise, on cooler conditions fertiliser is far less volatile and will remain in your soil far longer than it will in the warmer seasons. This is something you will learn to manage over time, hence being able to record your applications.
  • During warm season lawn dormancy (even cool season varieties at times) with cold soil temps, limit granular fertilisation or suspend it, your lawns root system has all but shut down leading to surplus nitrogen and nutrients in your soil. With possible water logging this provides the perfect environment to breed pathogens leading to disease at the time but also when conditions warm in spring.  Plus development of algae and other issues making an unsightly lawn.  You can’t repair it when it’s not growing.
  • When using granular and liquid fertilisers in conjunction consider reducing rates of either or both to avoid over fertilisation and excessive growth and maintenance. With instances of repair while it is growing, it might be ok. If its healthy and looking great its tempting to over fertilise. Don’t be afraid to go 2/3 or ¾ rates of both or either, you can turn a great lawn to a stemmy mess needing maintenance very quickly.  Your lawn is looking great because it is happy with what it has currently available, it’s okay to run or “stretch” one of the fertilisers out a week or so. There’s now a culture because of our love for our lawn and lack of knowledge causing over fertilisation, consider channeling it into the soil health and amendments. Kelpro, Umx Liquid, soil wetters like Hydrolink and inoculates is where your love flows, you’ll get maximum benefit from the fertiliser applied, producing a stronger, healthier lawn with sustained lush growth.
  • Remember many of our fertilisers have Iron (Fe), careless application may stain surrounding areas, be prepared to sweep granules or wash liquids off these surfaces.
  • ALWAYS respect these products, USE recommended safety precautions. You are someone’s son, daughter, husband, wife, mum or dad.  Some of this stuff can be dangerous, please be safe and responsible.
  • If there is any doubt ask, it’s part of our service.
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