Message the friendly experts at Lawn Addicts about the best soil amendments for your lawn, available online. Soil amendments are added to soil to improve its physical properties, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, structure and soil health.Read More

The goal is to provide a better environment for roots and reduce the likelihood of turf insects and diseases causing damage to your grass. Product labels and safety precautions must be followed.

  • Soil Improvement

    Anderson’s DG Lime 25kg

    A highly dispersible greens grade lime formulation ideal for maintenance application or for use during...

    Analysis: 30% Calcium 4%Magnesium
    Price$66.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Greensgrade

    Andersons A-TEP Micro Package 20kg

    Premium 125SGN micro-granule, delivering a comprehensive trace element package to the soil. Contains 12% Mg,...

    Analysis: .12 %Mg 8%Fe 3%Mn 1%Zn 0.5%Cu
    Price$121.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Andersons Black Gypsum DG Greens Grade 20kg

    Black Gypsum DG delivers Calcium, Sulfur and Humate (a rich source of Carbon) directly to the soil.

    Analysis: Calcium, Sulfur and Humates
    Price$88.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Andersons HUMIC DG Greens Grade 20kg

    Humic DG combines The Andersons patented DG technology with Humate and Humic Acid Precursor.

    Analysis: Humic Acid (derived from leonardite) 62%
    Price$132.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Anti Alk

    ANTI ALK will assist in reducing the soil pH when applied to alkaline soils. ANTI...

    Analysis: 380g/l Phosphoric Acid
    Price$35.00$180.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amendments

    Auxinone Root Stimulant

    A hormone stimulant containing IAA, NAA and Vitamin B1 which initiates and stimulates root development....

    Analysis: 0.075g/L IAA & NAA + 2.25g/L Vitamin B1
    Price$49.00$175.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Dolomite Greens Grade (WDG) 20 kg

    A greens grade gypsum option for application to fine cut turf. Ideal for correcting calcium deficiencies

    Analysis: 21% Calcium, 12% Magnesium
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Growth Hormone Products

    Fertech Bio

    Fertech Bio contains blended seaweed concentrate, fish emulsion, fulvic acid and plant hormones, and Triocontanol

    Analysis: 4-1-1 + Plant Growth Hormones
    Price$29.70$180.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Bio Stimulants and Plant Hormones

    Fertech Kelpro

    This highly concentrated liquid KELP extract that contains 35% w/v Tasmanian Bull Kelp which provides...

    Analysis: 0-2-8 35% Kelp Concentrate
    Price$29.70$300.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Green Turf Gypsum (Greens Grade) 25kg

    A greens grade gypsum option for application to fine cut turf. Ideal for correcting calcium deficiencies

    Analysis: 23% Calcium 18% Sulphur
    Price$38.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    Gyp Flo Liquid 20lt

    The Ultimate Clay Breaker.  A high-quality liquid gypsum ideal for use in broadcast spraying or...

    Analysis: Liquid Gypsum
    Price$206.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Advance

    A unique all-purpose soil surfactant wetter  containing 5% kelp concentrate as Kelpro® to stimulate plant...

    Analysis: Soil Surfactant with 5% KELPRO
    Price$29.70$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Gran Plus 20kg

    Hydrolink Gran Plus is a unique combination of Zeolite and a premium co-block formula soil...

    Analysis: 15% Oxyethylene-Oxypropylene Block Co-Polymer, 5% Kelp Concentrate
    Price$104.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Profile

    Hydrolink Profile is designed to enhance the availability, retention and distribution of moisture in sand based profiles

    Analysis: Active Ingredient: 50% Blend of Polymeric Surfactants. 50% Inert Ingredients
    Price$49.50$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Rapid 20lt

    Hydrolink Rapid is designed to re-wet and penetrate through hydrophobic or compacted soils and thatch layers.

    Analysis: 40% blend of non-ionic polymeric surfactants
    Price$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Amino Acid Products

    Hydrolink React 10lt

    Hydrolink React rapidly overcomes the issues associated with dry patch both in the soil and within the plant

    Analysis: Active Ingredient: 50% Blend of Polymeric Surfactants. 10% L-Form Amino Acid Concentrate. 40% Inert Ingredients
    Price$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Retain 20lt

    Hydrolink Retain is a new player in soil wetting technology, specifically designed for water retention

    Analysis: 100% Alkoxylated polyether reverse block co-polymer
    Price$324.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Wetters

    Hydrolink Tablets (Box 6 x 8oz)

    Hydrolink Tablets are designed to treat localised dry spots and hydrophobic soil and should be applied via a hose.

    Analysis: Polymeric Surfactant Blend
    Price$214.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Hydrolink Tablicator

    The Tablicator is a 100% brass fitting with an adjustable brass nozzle, comes with adaptor.

    Price$269.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Soil Improvement

    KwikGyp Liquid Gypsum 1 Litre

    KwikGyp is a concentrated high analysis liquid micronised gypsum. Easy and very efficient way to apply Gypsum

    Analysis: 35% (Ca) Calcium 25% (S) Sulphur
    Price$29.70 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Misc.

    Maxwet 5 litre

    An economical option offering a wetter and surfactant properties, designed to overcome water repellence in...

    Analysis: 70 g/L Nonyl Phenol Ethylene Oxide Condensate
    Price$91.30 inc. GSTDetails
  • Inoculates

    Noculate Liquid 10lt

    Noculate Liquid is proprietary blended biological product containing 24 strains of beneficial soil microorganisms, humic...

    Analysis: Beneficial Bacteria
    Price$385.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Humates, Humic and Fulvic Acid

    UMX Liquid (Humic & Fulvic Acid)

    A high quality liquid formulation of humic & fulvic containing high levels of organic carbon....

    Analysis: 12% Humic Acid 3% Fulvic Acid 4% Potassium
    Price$29.70$165.00 inc. GSTDetails
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