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Professional lawn care products available for everyone – The Lawn Addicts story

Ryan Yockins always appreciated a nice lawn, but for a long time, he didn’t know how to achieve one. He spent countless hours reading and researching everything he could about lawn care, until he finally managed to achieve the perfect, manicured lawn he had always dreamed of. However, the high cost of maintaining his lawn soon became an issue, and Ryan knew that there had to be a better way.

Motivated by his desire to save money, Ryan began carrying out his own research and trials on various products and raw ingredients. He studied why some fertiliser products worked better than others and eventually started his own blending and formulations for trials. He gained an extensive understanding of the ingredients and processes needed for a very high level lawn maintained year-round.

Ryan’s social media following began to grow as people noticed his lawn care results. His followers started asking for advice and product recommendations, but he couldn’t sell his hand-made products produced at home. Instead, Ryan recommended a range of products he understood and had confidence in. Unfortunately, none of these products were in suitable pack sizes for the domestic market, let alone be economical enough to use.

Tired of companies peddling their brands in a competitive growing market with claims that wouldn’t happen, Ryan decided to develop strong relationships with experts and scientists behind these products. The result was the range you see here today in pack sizes to suit your needs and a solution to fit your budget.

With Lawn Addicts’ original supply chain closing, Ryan made agreements to continue growing these legendary brands of the turf industry. Lawn Addicts, from the beginning, stood by Fertech Liquids, 2Spec Granular’s, and Hydrolink Wetting Agents, not because of price, not because of profit margins, but because they are the best. All of these products are manufactured in Australia and are now exclusively available and distributed only by Lawn Addicts and Lawn Addicts resellers.

Today, Lawn Addicts is a proud small family business run by a close-knit team, including Ryan’s wife, two sons, and an amazing team with a shop and factory in North Geelong. The business continues to have the same integrity and principles on which it was founded, an honest and transparent service with the best grade of products available on the market.

Lawn Addicts is community-minded and partners as sponsors and with donations to numerous voluntary organizations and local sporting clubs. They are also proud to be actively involved in hosting fundraising raffles and events for many charities in need, like Black Dog Institute for mental health. Thanks to Ryan’s dedication to his craft and his desire to share his knowledge with others, Lawn Addicts has become a trusted name in lawn care, and their commitment to their customers and community is second to none

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