Systemic Fungicide

  • Systemic Fungicide

    Banol Turf & Ornamental 1lt

    A systemic fungicide containing 600g/L of Propamocarb for the control of pythium diseases in turf,...

    Analysis: 600g/L Propamocarb
    Price$205.00Detailsor 4 payments from $51.25 with Afterpay
  • Fungicides

    Bumper 625 1lt

    BUMPERĀ® 625 is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 625 g/L of the active ingredient Propiconazole....

    Analysis: 625g/L Propiconazole
    Price$85.00Detailsor 4 payments from $21.25 with Afterpay
  • Contact Fungicide

    Dedicate 1lt

    A combination fungicide containing the active ingredients Tebuconazole and Trifloxystrobin with differing modes of action....

    Analysis: 100g/L Trifloxystrobin + 200g/L Tebuconazole
    Price$480.00Detailsor 4 payments from $120.00 with Afterpay
  • Contact Fungicide

    Fungol 500 5lt

    A reliable, high analysis water-based, fungicide ideal for broadacre application containing 500g/L Iprodione. For the...

    Analysis: 500g/L Iprodione (water based)
    Price$255.00Detailsor 4 payments from $63.75 with Afterpay
  • Systemic Fungicide

    Vantage 1lt

    Vantage Fungicide is a broad spectrum, systemic fungicide containing 95g/L of the active constituent Azoxystrobin,...

    Analysis: 95g/L Azoxystrobin
    Price$149.00Detailsor 4 payments from $37.25 with Afterpay
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