Bio Stimulants and Plant Hormones

If you’re looking for professional-grade organic and biostimulant products, message the team at Lawn Addicts. Our organic products are refined,  they are natural-based and give a balanced, safe application of naturally derived nutrients and organic matter that plants need.Read More

These products are not as concentrated as synthetic forms, however act as a longer more stable source of nutrients and nutrient retention with longer-term benefits to lawn and general soil health.

A biostimulant is a substance containing living microorganisms or promotes biological activity which, when applied to plant surfaces or soil, colonises the rootzone and the interior of the plant, promoting growth and increasing the availability of primary nutrients to the plant.

Biostimulant fertilisers enhance the natural process of nutrient absorption and production of growth-promoting chemicals, resulting in a stronger and healthier plant, more resilient to disease and pests.

At Lawn Addicts, we have a wide selection of professional lawn care products available online, including liquid fertilisers, bindii killer for buffalo grass, catsear herbicide and more.

  • Amendments

    Auxinone 10lt Root Stimulant

    A hormone stimulant containing IAA, NAA and Vitamin B1 which initiates and stimulates root development....

    Analysis: 0.075g/L IAA & NAA + 2.25g/L Vitamin B1
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Complete 20lt

    A liquid turf fertiliser with a high N:K ratio and added iron for enhanced turf...

    Analysis: NPK 18:0:12 +Fe 50% CRN +Amino Acids
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Greens & Tees 20lt

    A balanced liquid fertiliser containing equal ratios of N and K making it ideal for...

    Analysis: 10-0-10 50%CRN+Fe EDTA Chelate + Amino Acids
  • Bio Stimulants and Plant Hormones

    Fertech Kelpro 20lt

    A powerful combination of plant hormones derived from kelp to stimulate plant root growth and...

    Analysis: 0-2-8 35% Kelp Concentrate
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Phosfighter 20lt

    Highly plant available source of Potassium and slowly available Phosphorus with Amino Acids in one formulation

    Analysis: 0-13-25 + 11.5% Amino Acids
  • Amino Acid Products

    Fertech Refine 20lt

    A 1:2 ratio NK fertiliser containing 60% N as proprietary Brandt Nurture N Methylene Urea...

    Analysis: 10-0-20 60% +Fe EDTA Chelate +Amino Acids
  • Fast Response

    Fertech Stimulus 20lt

    A NPK blend with a high proportion of phosphorus and stimulants, providing enhanced root growth and recovery

    Analysis: 8-10-5 + 7% Kelpro + 1% Zinc
  • Amino Acid Products

    Hydrolink React 10lt

    Hydrolink React rapidly overcomes the issues associated with dry patch both in the soil and within the plant

    Analysis: Active Ingredient: 50% Blend of Polymeric Surfactants. 10% L-Form Amino Acid Concentrate. 40% Inert Ingredients
  • Greensgrade

    Noculate Complete 20kg

    Noculate Complete greens-grade fertiliser is scientifically designed to address both biological and chemical needs of...

    Analysis: 17-0-14 + 2%Fe 1%Mn 1% Humic, Wetters & Microbes (30%MU)
  • Inoculates

    Noculate Liquid 10lt

    Noculate Liquid is proprietary blended biological product containing 24 strains of beneficial soil microorganisms, humic...

    Analysis: Beneficial Bacteria
  • Greensgrade

    Noculate Starter 20kg

    Noculate Starter greens grade fertiliser is scientifically designed to address both biological and chemical needs...

    Analysis: 14-7-5 + 3% Ca 8% Humic, Wetters & Microbes (50%MU)
  • Greensgrade

    Noculate XN 20kg

    Noculate fertiliser is scientifically designed to address both biological and chemical needs of soil nutrition....

    Analysis: NPK 24:0.5:5 + 1% Fe
  • Amendments

    UMX Liquid (Humic & Fulvic Acid) 20lt

    A high quality liquid formulation of humic & fulvic containing high levels of organic carbon....

    Analysis: 12% Humic Acid 3% Fulvic Acid 4% Potassium
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