Identifying turf disease & fungus

There are many diseases that occur in lawns. Most of the diseases are caused by various fungal strains, either on the plant itself or in the soil. Turf diseases are found in most conditions, meaning both warm and cool season grasses are susceptible. Read More

Grass diseases can be caused by environmental conditions or factors, such as:

  • cold and extended wet periods
  • warm and humid conditions
  • drought and stress
  • high soluble salts and poor nutrition
  • soil compaction
  • chemical damage, which can be a result of your maintenance practises and misuse of other products.

Careful identification of the cause of a problem and the disease is important for the selection of the correct control product and procedures. At Lawn Addicts, we can tailor a lawn care program for turf diseases, based on grass identification.

In some cases, the problem with your lawn might look like a disease, but could be the result of pests or weeds. Contact the team at Lawn Addicts for advice about weed identification and treatment.

Identify your lawn problem

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