Misc. Tools

  • Misc. Tools

    Earthway 2600A Broadcast 18kg Spreader

    A light, compact and effective broadcast spreader.  With a durable poly hopper an 18kg capacity...

    Price$355.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Earthway 7312 Drop Spreader 30kg

    The EarthWay 7312SU Drop Spreader is perfect for small area fertiliser spreading or seeding. Drop...

    Price$405.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Hydrolink Tablicator

    The Tablicator is a 100% brass fitting with an adjustable brass nozzle, comes with adaptor.

    Price$269.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Solo 10 Litre Battery Operated Sprayer – 414Li

    Spray efficiently and easily with the SOLO 10ltr 12 V battery-powered backpack.

    Price$214.50 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Solo 18 Litre Battery Operated Backpack Sprayer – 417Li

    Spray efficiently and easily with the SOLO 18ltr 12 V battery-powered backpack.

    Price$380.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Misc. Tools

    Solo 2-Nozzle Mini Boom #4900514

    Ideal for spraying tall shrubs or tough-to-reach locations 60cm spray boom Includes two nozzles for...

    Price$82.00 inc. GSTDetails
  • Commercial Insecticides

    White/Horticultural Oil 5 ltr

    An oil based insecticide containing 825g/L of petroleum oil and garden safe lubricant to protect garden equipment.

    Analysis: 825g/L petroleum oil
    Price$71.50 inc. GSTDetails
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