Liquid Fertilisers

Message our friendly experts at Lawn Addicts about your liquid fertiliser needs. We have an extensive range of top-quality products, made available to the public online. Some liquid fertilisers are formulated and applied with a volume of water for slower, predominately root-absorption method. Others are formulated to be applied with a limited quantity of water and gently sprayed over the foliage, where the nutrients are rapidly absorbed via plant pores and cuticles.Read More

As pores open and close according to ambient temperatures, the adsorption depends on the temperature. Pores start closing on turf in the mid to high 20˚C. Beyond these temperatures, effectiveness greatly reduces and risk of leaf damage increases.

Most of Lawn Addicts’ fertilisers contain iron in various forms and can  stain pavement and other surfaces.

Fertiliser product labels and safety precautions must be followed.

Message us about the best fertiliser for your lawn, based on turf identification. If your lawn isn’t performing the way you expect, we have a wide variety of professional lawn care products online, including broadleaf weed herbicide.

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