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In the mid-1980s, South Africa faced international sanctions due to apartheid. Scott Bonnar had previously appointed a distribution agent in South Africa before the sanctions were imposed. Although they couldn’t export new machinery to South Africa, there was still a demand for spare parts for the existing units. Since spare parts were hard to come by, Bert Kollnick, who was running a small engineering shop at the time was asked if he could manufacture machines and create much-needed spare parts to keep them running. Scott Bonnar, was aware of this and had no objections because they wanted their machines to continue operating.

When the sanctions were eventually lifted in the early 1990s, Scott Bonnar informed their agent that they no longer required Bert’s spare parts since they could now supply their own.

At this juncture, he decided to make some alterations and improvements to the component designs. He also developed his own modified versions of components he hadn’t supplied previously, ultimately leading to the creation of his own brand of machinery.

They reworked these designs eliminating the “achilleas heel” of its predecessors improving them.  Improvements in weight, metal thickness, strengthening chassis, clutch assemblies, gearing ratios and hardening reels for a longer lasting cutting edge. Still to this day some Protea parts are interchangeable with the original Scott Bonnar models.

For over four decades, Protea Turf Machines have been crafted in South Africa and have been dedicating itself to manufacturing premium industrial quality machines for all aspects in the turf industry. With a focus on bowling greens, golf courses, football stadiums, cricket fields, other sports arenas as well as residentially.  Globally protea have become a well-established  brand synonymous with quality and strength. Their commitment lies in delivering high-quality and reliable machines.

At Protea, their mission is to design robust and affordable machines capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions while exceeding strict European and American standards.

Ryan has had his own Protea for many years now and it runs as it did the day he got it.  Being mechanically minded, the engineering and build quality had him hooked from the first use.  “There is no other machine worth having.”

As Lawn Addicts only represents quality and service, it’s fitting and a perfect match that Lawn Addicts are your Victorian Protea dealer.

We have other sizes and variations available to order, please enquire if you don’t see the best machine for you.  We’re happy to advise and provide exactly the configuration you need.

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