Winter can be a difficult time of year for lawn maintenance, and often mistakes made approaching and during this season can be difficult for the lawn to recover from so we only have one chance to get it right.

The level of dormancy of warm season grass varies depending on location, which affects the management approach needed. In some areas, where the grass doesn’t fully go dormant, winter lawn management may only require a reduction in granular fertilisation while continuing with a liquid program. In contrast, in other areas granular fertilisers are not used for months, specialty liquid fertilisers like Fertech Fusion are necessary to stimulate growth.

Coolseason lawns typically continue to grow well but may experience some slowing in colder regions during July and August. Granular fertilisers perform slower in colder soil temperatures due to slower soil biology, but they are generally easier to maintain. As granular fertilisers become less of a priority, liquids become more important. Fertech’s range of liquid fertilisers are particularly effective in supporting plant growth and defences during winter, offering essential inputs such as potassium and free amino acids that stimulate plant activity and their own defence mechanisms.

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