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Tailored lawn care programs

At Lawn Addicts, we bring professional lawn care products direct to our customers. Take a look at our online lawn care products catalogue to browse industry-leading solutions for your turf, including greens-grade and fairway-grade granular fertilisers. Read More

Whether you’re looking for herbicides, insecticides or controlled-release fertilisers, we can recommend the best lawn care program based on turf and weed identification.

Lawn Addicts’ owner Ryan has developed strong relationships with professionals in the industry, allowing Lawn Addicts access to professional lawn care products at competitive prices.

With a passion for bringing out the best in your turf, we’ve done the trial and error for you. No matter if you’re trying to grow warm or cool season grasses anywhere in Australia, we know how to keep your grass looking and feeling healthy all year round.

If you’re not sure what you need, our friendly team is only too happy to help. Simply tell us a bit about your issue, or what you would like to achieve, and we can walk you through the options, including everything from plant growth regulators to spray adjuvants and organic and biostimulant fertilisers.

We can also identify turf diseases and supply top-quality fungicides that kill the disease without harming your turf.

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We help you identify your issue and match it to the perfect product