Turf Establishment Guides

Rebounder Tall Fescue

Seed Establishment

Growing a lush lawn from seed takes patience, but the rewards are worth it! Here’s the key: Preparation (before the seed hits the soil): Timing: Choose the right season based on your grass type (cool-season grasses like fescue thrive in autumn, warm-season grasses like Couch prefer spring and summer). Clear the area: Remove debris, weeds, and existing vegetation. …

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Sod Establish Picture

Sod Establishment

Laying sod for an instant lawn is not difficult; it just takes some time and care in preparation. Prep: Plan & Buy: Measure your area, choose the right sod type for your climate and needs, and buy enough (including some extra for mishaps). Clear & Smooth: Remove debris, cut and remove old soil if possible, introduce new clean …

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