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Welcome to your very own superintendent, a superintendent is the responsible managing greenskeeper often in charge of a team of groundsman or other greenkeepers. They are the decision makers on what to apply and when, based on environmental factors, timing and input their team of colleagues.

Lawn Addicts’ superintendent is your tool to help you with these decisions of application, it’s an intuitive and innovative lawn plan management system, exclusively produced for lawn addicts by Lawn Addicts. Its concept is to help you to get the most out of our advice and our range, by means of a tailored lawncare plan prepared by us to suit your needs. Your timeline is interactive, like a living thing, based on information provided by you considering your location, climate, soil type and other variables that make your lawn yours.

The information supplied by you is considered and with care, we construct a 12 month timeline tool with recommended products to suit your needs and requests. We enter application times on this timeline of when we believe the best time to apply these products based on your information. The plan is designed to advise you of scheduled care and application of products and not curative applications, the reason for this is we need to encourage you to become methodical and consistent in your management. Part of this is to avoid you from under or over treatment of your lawn, which can lead to other problems. You will see you are limited with adding application entries to your timeline. This will help you with over fertilisation, if we find the response could require more applications, we can adjust the data entered and tune your plan and advise you further. With your subscription we want you feel comfortable messaging us so we can help you with your plan and get the most out of it.

Access to your superintendent account is intended to be simple, by now we know many of you already have a shortcut saved to your home screen for easier access. Likewise, we would like you to do the same on your account page where your plan is located. Your account will have your personal details, your plan, products that are currently on your plan and fast access to their labels and repurchasing. You can even access your purchase history.

We’re sure you will enjoy the ease, convenience and peace of mind with guidance of your lawn that only Superintendent will give you.

Pricing of Plan and subscription and Inclusions.

Construction of your plan involves analysis and entry of your data from the questionnaire preparing your timeline with application dates and products. Once produced you will be sent personalised account log in details for your access.

Plan setup                                       $140 inc GST

Plus 12 months subscription    $30  inc GST

The first 12 months will be $170 including GST.

Based on using our products


  • 12 months of advice with products and product timing
  • Use of Lawn Addicts exclusive Superintendent management timeline
  • Monthly timeline visits by us to check your plan usage and progress
  • Progressively tune your timeline to the specifics of your conditions

Second year Subscription
Renewal $30


  • Further 12 months use of Superintendent
  • Ongoing support where required including adding new products
  • Increasing flexibility of Superintendent with product application
  • Access to future exciting features as the system develops.

Remember, its not a generic plan, or a “customised” generic plan, its not confined to paper or calendar print out.

It’s a dynamic tool on your device in your pocket that assists you to manage and protect your investment in your lawn, getting the most from our products.

Other features include the ease of use, our own automatic PGR tracker, email alerts on product expiration, contractor plans and more.

We will be in touch after your purchase.

Second year subscriptions allow you to build your future plans yourself. By taking the knowledge you learned from the program and support of the previous year, build your own plan with the management tool with the ongoing support from us.

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