The immature or larval stage of the Argentine Stem Weevil (Listronotus bonariensis) is a legless, creamy-white, active larvae up to 4 mm in length. When mature, the adult appears as a dark grey to black weevil with mottled grey body markings and a distinctive protruding snout, up to 3 mm in length.

Adult weevils emerge from overwintering sites between September and November. After mating the female weevil deposits several eggs under the leaf sheath of the host plant. Once the eggs hatch the larvae begin to feed inside the plant stem until they reach the second or third instar, at which point they burrow out of the plant and drop to the ground.

Once outside the plant, the larva begins to feed at the base of the turf plant, ingesting plant material from the stems and crown.

Argentine Stem Weevils are a serious pest in turf. The team at Lawn Addicts specialises in grass insect identification, ensuring you find the best lawn care programs to rid your turf of pests without causing damage.

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