Rusts are fungal diseases that involve many different strains and affect a wide variety of plants, including grasses. Most warm and cool season turfgrass species are susceptible to Rust diseases, the turf health is irrelevant as it will also attack a healthy plant.

Orange spores appear underneath the leaves, making Rust easy to identify. The spores, coloured orange to red, spread across affected grasses. These irregular patches will appear on the leaves and as the disease extends it will work its way down the plant.

Rusts are common on ryegrass but infects other species too. These diseases normally occur in cool weather when the turfgrass is slowing. Rusts prefer lower-lying, wet leaves and prolonged leaf wetness increases infection.

While Rusts won’t always kill the grass, it does weaken it, making it vulnerable to other turf diseases. Ask Lawn Addicts about a range of lawn care programs and advice about other products to prevent and treat Rusts.

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