Fairy Ring occurs in all turfgrasses and symptoms vary with the fungal species involved.

Circular or arc-shaped rings of darker or faster-growing turf appears in moist turf. A concentric ring of dead grass may develop inside the circle of lush grass.

The size of the rings can vary from a few centimetres to indefinitely large, however activity in the turf stops when the individual rings come into contact with each other. It’s quite common for mushrooms or toadstools to be produced in the outer ring of lush growth, but as mycelium grows the soil becomes hydrophobic.

In cases of a mature Fairy Ring, the outer ring of lush grass may be missing, leaving an outer ring of plant death and an inner ring of green turf.

Fairy Rings are more severe on light soils, which have low fertility and low moisture content. Lawn with a thicker thatch layer also contributes, drier areas have significantly more Fairy Rings than higher rainfall areas.

The best treatment starts with accurate turf identification, followed by a specialised lawn care program with the selected fungicide. Message Lawn Addicts for further advice on products.

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