Warm Season Grasses

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia (inc. varieties)

Zoysia is considered premium warm season lawn and is gaining great popularity. It has a slightly larger blade than couch, requires less mowing and maintenance and can be cut short to 10 mm and up to 30 mm long. Because of its larger blade, zoysia grass can handle full sun and also more shade than …

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Kikuyu Buffalo

Kikuyu (inc. hybrid varieties)

Kikuyu has always been the number one choice for any lawn areas which are expected to be under heavy wear and tear conditions throughout its life, as this grass repairs itself quicker than almost any other grass. Its durability and self-repairing allows it to withstand the busiest of backyards. Kikuyu is also preferred by many …

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Hybrid Couch Grass

Common & Hybrid Couch

Couch is one of the most popular lawns in Australia and has been so for a long time. Couch has a fine leaf and has a dark green colour, has high durability and is very drought tolerant and occurs natively in many areas – all these factors contribute to its popularity. Couch thrives in full …

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Buffalo Grass

Buffalo (inc. hybrid varieties)

Almost all buffalo grasses sold today are soft leaf buffalo. Most are referred to by their brand names, such as Sapphire, Matilda, Sir Walter, Palmetto, Shademaster, ST Varieties and more. These new buffalo strains are an improvement with softer feel, durability, shade tolerance and reduced invasiveness. The new soft leaf buffalo grasses grow well in …

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