Zoysia (inc. varieties)

Zoysia is considered premium warm season lawn and is gaining great popularity. It has a slightly larger blade than couch, requires less mowing and maintenance and can be cut short to 10 mm and up to 30 mm long.

Because of its larger blade, zoysia grass can handle full sun and also more shade than couch grass. It does not handle extreme cold very well and is best suited to warmer regions.

It’s a good lawn for regions of high rainfall to drought prone areas. Zoysia doesn’t suffer from the same thatch build up as couch, it has great colour, good disease resistance, and yet still a soft lawn.

There are no special needs for treating weeds in Zoysia lawns and Zoysia handles most lawn herbicides. If you need help with zoysia weed identification, our team can recommend the best lawn care products, available online.

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