Kikuyu (inc. hybrid varieties)

Kikuyu has always been the number one choice for any lawn areas which are expected to be under heavy wear and tear conditions throughout its life, as this grass repairs itself quicker than almost any other grass. Its durability and self-repairing allows it to withstand the busiest of backyards.

Kikuyu is also preferred by many for its soft leaf, which makes a soft lawn and for its bright green colour. When cared for properly, and mowed with sharp blades and regularly, it can make for a very beautiful lawn.

However, Kikuyu has its negative sides which need to be taken into account. Just as this grass is very quick to repair, due to its fast growing nature it will also mean more lawn mowing than most other grass types that are available as home lawns.

Kikuyu is also easily spread into other surrounding lawns and into native vegetation by its fine seed heads. There are sterile varieties which are recommended to prevent this. This Kikuyu will still spread via rhizomes and stolons, which also allows for heavy renovation for a manicured finish.

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