Oils aint Oils, Prill aint Prill, Granular Fertilisers?

As our lawns are improving they’re becoming shorter and with  tighter canopies as we push our Lawn Addict boundaries, the prill of your granular fertiliser you were using, now is too big and it wont penetrate your lawn to where its needed. Its time to re-evaluate your granular fertiliser.

There are varying grades of granular fertiliser prills. Lawn Addicts has simplified these grades to Fairway Grade and Greens Grade.  It refers primarily to the size of the prill. In the industry the size of the prill has a measurement unit called SGN (Size Guide Number) its based on a mm metric measurement.  For example Granular Fertilser with an SGN 300 represents 3mm. SGN 250 represents 2.5mm.  SGN 150 represents 1.5mm. SGN 75 represents 0.75mm and so on.

Fairway Grade SGN250 to SGN150

Fairway Grade Granular Fertiliser is a fertiliser that is better suited to your lush longer lawns approx 25-30mm or longer, we say approximate as the density of your lawn and your thatch for example needs to be considered. Remembering the target area is the soil.  You can have a shorter thinner lawn with great soil exposure where this grade will be fine or you can have quite a long lawn with quite a thick build up of brown growth or dead material where it won’t.  So get down on your lawn have a close look. If you think a 2.5mm prill will penetrate this grade will suit you otherwise consider our 1.5mm product.

Our renovation product Accelerate SGN 250 is less of a consideration as its applied post renovation and scalping and access to soil will normally be available for this prill.

Greens Grade SGN 100 and below

Greens Grade Granular Fertiliser is best suited for your shorter tighter lawns, where the SGN 150 product we recommend Andersons Mini will not suffice, sub 8-10 mm as a reference, again depending on your density.

Our Noculate range for example is an SGN 100 product, the Andersons Nutri DG range is SGN 75.

Although Greens Grade granular fertilisers have much smaller prill our range also brings other advantages, like superior sources of Nitrogen and other more plant available forms of nutrients, additives to boost the microbiology of your soil which include additives to feed and stimulate activity and our Noculate range also having many strains of beneficial micro organisms essential for premium lawn health.  A point of difference Lawn Addicts has over our competitors.  The Andersons DG another premium product has industry leading technology within its design of the prill.  DG or “Dispersing  Granule” as it suggests does just that after being distributed.  This eliminates and chance of the Granular Fertiliser being mowed up in short fine turf, it ensures even distribution and it puts the granular fertiser right where its needed at the root zone.  “Dispersing” does not mean dissolve. Each of the DG Granules disperse in to many many thousands of micro granules, so small they wash into the soil with a water.  They still retain their slow release properties even in this micro size.

Combination Range

Our two premium Andersons Pre Emergent Combination products have a Prill size of SGN 215.

So a brief description of the importance of selecting the correct prill size, and a bit of an understanding of some of the technology behind some of our products and what makes Lawn Addicts just that bit better.

Cheers Addicts!