Preventative Disease Management

If your anything like me in winter during the dormancy of my lawn, I’m “toey” and a Roman sandal for my lawn to finally wake out of dormancy.  This year just gone, not so much excited, I knew I was in for a ride having a couple of diseases appear badly during dormancy (the worst I’ve experienced). Any signs of repair and recovery wasn’t going to commence until well into spring when growth recommences, which was going to set my lawn back significantly.  This year coming, I’m preparing for a return of disease this winter with arming myself with a systemic fungicide, more specifically Bumper 625.

The term systemic refers to its action, it’s absorbed by the roots and foliage and circulates upwards within the plant where it remains in the plant for a period of time. Bumper 625 is curative, protective and has an eradicant activity when controlling disease.  It controls pathogens by disrupting the fungi membrane function.

Application timing of Bumper 625 for this preventative protection during dormancy and spring needs to commence now with one application in March where while our warm season grasses are growing vigorously and take up the active ingredient, a second application is due around a month after this and just prior the lawn heading in to dormancy.  Where growth and cell division slows to cease and the active ingredient is locked down in the plant for best part of the dormancy period, greatly reducing the likelihood of the onset of disease. The active Propiconazole continues to work through dormancy and as the lawn approaches the spring growing season, its in good health  and prepared to hit the ground running for its new season.

Feel free to message us if you require more information on this process.  Its cheap insurance ready to be posted!