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Spring Dead Spot

Early Spring Lawn Care

We’re midway through Winter and winter solstice has come and gone. If your like me in the southern states, you’ve had enough of the drab dormant conditions and can’t wait for Spring and the temperatures to increase. Spring is really only a season to define the time of year, what we need to be more …

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Preventative Disease Management

If your anything like me in winter during the dormancy of my lawn, I’m “toey” and a Roman sandal for my lawn to finally wake out of dormancy.  This year just gone, not so much excited, I knew I was in for a ride having a couple of diseases appear badly during dormancy (the worst …

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pH Adjustment made simple!

Altering the pH of your soil In a previous article we loosely discussed the impact of the pH of your soil and how easily it can affect the nutrient uptake of your lawn.  So, it’s got the better of you, and you have either brought a litmus test or an electronic meter, either one is …

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The Affects of pH and Nutrient availability on your lawn

Nutrient Availability Vs PH

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