Sod Establishment

Laying sod for an instant lawn is not difficult; it just takes some time and care in preparation.


  1. Plan & Buy: Measure your area, choose the right sod type for your climate and needs, and buy enough (including some extra for mishaps).
  2. Clear & Smooth: Remove debris, cut and remove old soil if possible, introduce new clean soil/sandy loam, level, and rake for smoothness. Amend the soil if needed (consult us if need be).
  3. Roll: Roll with enough weight to consolidate the base to reduce movement and sinking.

Laying the Sod:

  1. Start Straight: Lay the first strip straight along an edge, fitting tightly.
  2. Butt & Roll: Butt subsequent strips tightly together, in a brick laying pattern, avoiding gaps. Roll the entire area to ensure good contact with the soil with a medium-weighted roller.
  3. Cut & Water: Use a sharp knife to fit edges and curves. Water immediately and deeply, soaking the soil thoroughly.

Remember: patience is key! It takes time for the turf to fully root and mature, so stick to your watering and our guide for a beautiful, healthy lawn.

If you’re unsure about any step contact us.

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