Seed Establishment

Growing a lush lawn from seed takes patience, but the rewards are worth it! Here’s the key:

Preparation (before the seed hits the soil):

  1. Timing: Choose the right season based on your grass type (cool-season grasses like fescue thrive in autumn, warm-season grasses like Couch prefer spring and summer).
  2. Clear the area: Remove debris, weeds, and existing vegetation.
  3. Test and amend the soil: Check pH and nutrient levels, add compost or fertiliser as needed and turn in or remove soil and bring in fresh soil
  4. Level the ground: Ensure a smooth base for drainage to prevent water pooling.


  1. Choose the right seed: Pick a seed variety suited to your climate and sun exposure.
  2. Spread evenly: Use a spreader or broadcast by hand, following our instructions.
  3. Lightly rake: Cover seeds thinly (depth depends on grass type).
  4. Water consistently: Keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering.
  5. Mulch (optional): A thin layer helps retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Germination and beyond:

  1. Patience is key: Germination takes 7-21 days, depending on conditions and variety
  2. Keep watering: Adjust frequency based on rainfall and soil moisture. As the seedling establishes itself, water at more irregular intervals but for longer durations to encourage the roots to hunt for deeper moisture.
  3. Prevent weeds: Ideally, hand-pull or wait for 8 weeks before pesticide application.
  4. First mow: Wait for at least 2 weeks until grasses reach 50–75 mm before mowing, then raise mower height for a couple of weeks until the lawn thickens and then gradually lower.
  5. Fertilise: Follow a balanced, slow-release schedule specific to your grass type.

Remember, success depends on your region and chosen grass. We can help you decide what is suitable. Happy planting!

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