Paspalum is a grassy weed with larger, broader, longer leaves. It grows in a cluster and is quite obvious to see in your turf.  It comes in many  varieties.

Removing paspalum by hand involves digging the plant out of the ground, and the roots must also be removed.

Selective herbicides are available to control this weed. These can usually be used on couch, bent grass, fescue and ryegrass lawns, but cannot be used on buffalo, kikuyu or saltene/bahia lawns. Always check the instructions for the particular Paspalum herbicide being used to check for compatibility with your lawn type.

Manual or hand selective poisoning using a glyphosate based herbicide is highly effective if selective herbicides are not an option. It is applied using a small paintbrush or weed wand to selectively poison the paspalum without killing the surrounding lawn. It is best applied to the crown of the plant during the warmer growing season.

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