Bent Grass

Bent grass is a cool season lawn type which is probably one of the most beautiful lawns, with a lovely deep rich green colour, a fine leaf and forms a dense, lush mat of carpet-like sod.

However, bent grass is not best suited for home lawns. It has a very shallow, dense root mat, really only suited for cold climates where it comes from. It does not tolerate warm weather because of shallow root mat, needs plenty of water and requires intensive management that only comes with experience.

Bent grass is a perfect candidate for golf course greens where it is mostly used due to its low mow height, self-repair and dense green finish.

There are three main bent grass varieties: Creeping Bent (most common), Common Bent and Velvet Bent.

If your bent grass isn’t growing the way it should, cool season grass weeds¬†or insects could be at fault. Our team can help with both turf and grass insect identification.

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