Tips and Tricks

  • Tank Mixing Sequence

    Tank mixing products in the correct sequence is very important when it comes to the compatibility of products used.  This refers to the physical compatibility where solids can be formed but also suspended concentrates be settled and accidentally separated.  In some situations the products may even look like they have tank mixed fine but chemically the efficacy may well be affected and the result of the mix be compromised.  Here is a guide to correctly tank mix products to give…

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  • Oversowing Guide

    Read Here Turf Oversowing Brochure Oversowing seed into existing turf requires some precise management to achieve the desired results. The newly sown seed requires a lot of assistance to ensure good germination and establishment. Selecting the correct seed and products to assist with establishment are vital decisions in achieving a worthwhile return for the investment.  

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  • Monument Liquid Application

    Various factors influence the effectiveness of Monument liquid, read Syngentas guide to application for achieving top results.  

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  • Product Compatibility Test

     A compatibility test is often recommended before tank mixing to ensure physical compatibility of various pesticides. Syngenta Product Plus - How to test procedure for capability of chemicals

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  • Fertech Compatibility Chart

    A simple cross reference guide to the compatibility of tank mixing all the liquid fertilisers to make your "secret mix" out of the Fertech range Click here. ↓ Fertech Compatibility Chart

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  • Importance of Potassium

    Potassium in Turf Potassium is required by the turfgrass plant in relatively large amounts compared to other nutrients. Potassium use is second only to nitrogen and of course the elements sourced from water and the atmosphere; carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Potassium plays an important role in many key turfgrass processes and developmental phases, many of which have a major impact on plant resilience and stress resistance. As the underlying goal of turfgrass management is to sustain a healthy and vigorous…

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  • Watering Your Lawn.

    Probably the most important cultural practices to get right with any lawn is watering.  In a perfect world there would be enough rain fall to maintain a lush lawn all year round, but there isn't and we often need to subsidise the rain fall by various amounts.  The amount of water we subsidise depends on a few factors, for example, the type of grass, whether it is a warm or cool season variety, your climate, your soil profile and also…

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  • Sprayer Calibration

    Applying foliar applications whether it’s a Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide or even a liquid fertiliser is something we all at some point need to do for a nice lawn. An even application isn’t easy if you don’t know what you’re doing, however it’s very easy with a little bit of knowledge and practice.   The key to any good foliar application is evenness and consistency, all substances have a recommended rate that needs to be applied over a given area, this…

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  • Soil Jar Test

    Soil is comprised of soil particles, organic matter, water, air and living organisms, all of which are important to the overall health of the soil and your lawn that grows in it. There are three primary soil particles, Sand, Silt and Clay and different ratios of these make up the soils texture. Texture relates to soil porosity, which refers to the pore spaces where air and water reside which results your soils ability to retain nutrients and air for your…

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