Ryegrass is a cool season perennial or annual grass with tufted or clustered growth and perennial strains have a glossy dark green leaves while annual strains can be brighter green which both are often purplish at the base. Ryegrass possesses a thin ligule with a folded leaf along its vein and overlapping or clasping auricles.

The seed heads appear in spring and early summer as a long, narrow spike with a long cluster of small dark seeds at the top.

Ryegrass is a difficult weed to control in turf due to its tolerance of close mowing heights and resistance to many herbicides. Perennial Rye with its dark green colour also makes it a desirable turf variety in some parts of the country and popular over sewing of warm season grasses.

Selective herbicides, including kikuyu, couch and buffalo grass weed killers are best used according to grass identification. Message Lawn Addicts for further advice.

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