Richardia is an annual spreading prostrate weed, often growing to 50-60 cm across and 10 cm tall.

This species of Richardia is quite common in Australia it has a  thick white central tap root usually contorted from the crown of the plant.

The crown is made up of green prostate stems, many branched with very small white hairs.  Leaves occur in opposing pairs and are connected to the stem with a ridge of numerous broad irregular bristles. The leaf has a small stalk which speads into an ovate (oval) leaf with smooth edges and forms a blunt point. The leaves range from 1.5 to 5.5 cm long, prominent veined, and and often quite hairy.

Flowers are funnel or coned shape and grow in clusters of around 10-20 on the tips of each stem above the leaves.  Each flower cluster is nestled in a either 2 or 4 leaf like rosette, flowers have six white petals (sometimes pink or bluish) the flower has a star-like appearance.

Products like Bow and Arrow and Cutlass M will control this weed, please be sure you are familiar with you lawn variety before selecting the herbicide.  Due to the hairy nature of the foliage we strongly recommend a quality sticking or surfactant product to help adhesion of the herbicide to the foliage.

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