Crested Goosefoot also know as Crested Crumbweed, is a lower growing prostrate or spreading weed, it can grow 30cm tall.  Leaves leave are alternating along the reddish stems and when crush are quite aromatic. Stems are not woody and spreads quickly from the crown and one main thick tap root, from this numerous course roots grow laterally. Leaf sizes are normally small to 20mm long with the normal irregular goosefoot shape which can be hairy, sticky, flat with toothed or lobed edges.  with very small flowers in dense whitish clusters at the base of leaves the flower sizes can be less that 3mm.

Products like Bow and Arrow and Cutlass M will control this weed, please be sure you are familiar with you lawn variety before selecting the herbicide.  Due to the fine nature of the foliage we strongly recommend a quality sticking or surfactant product to help adhesion of the herbicide to the foliage to optimise herbicide efficiancy

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