The Oxalis family of weed is one of the largest broadleaf weed families. Common varieties encountered are Soursob, Purple Oxalis, Wood Sorrel, Creeping Oxalis, and many more names. With more than 30 varieties in Australia, not all are weeds many are ornamental plants.

Oxalis is often mistaken for clover. However, while they both can have a similar appearance with trifoliate sectioned leaves, oxalis is easily distinguishable by having heart-shaped leaves compared to the oval-shaped leaves of clover.

Like clover, oxalis weeds are very invasive and must be controlled. It is harder to remove by hand than clover because of the creeping weaving of the stems in the turf. From here it sends down roots, while being “tangled” with your turf. Oxalis is even more aggressive in poor turf health or in situations where turf can’t compete, such as in shady conditions.

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