Fescue and Varieties

Fescue is a hardy, all year round cool season grass, making it ideal for the cooler regions of Australia. It can withstand frosts and some short, warm and dry periods. It is commonly a coarser, long-growing grass that can be cut short enough to make a lawn.

Related closely to rye grass, fescue is a particularly low-maintenance grass with not much mowing and fertilising required. It has some drought-resistance due to the deep root system of the plant, which can reach depths of six feet, accessing moisture from the water table.

Fescue will be fine in a low-fertility soil, although the better quality the soil, the better the turf will look. While fertiliser normally isn’t a must, fescue and varieties respond well to fertilising. Fescue is coarse and not that pleasant to walk on and play on with children due to the “scratchiness”. It’s also vulnerable to grass insects, pests and diseases.

Ask the Lawn Addicts team about the best lawn care programs for fescue. We can also help identify cool season grass weeds that could be impacting your lawn.

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