Crabgrass is nuisance value to lawns everywhere. It is both a prolific seeder and spreader, overtaking lawns as it continues to spread.

Removal of this grass weed as soon as possible is important. The crabgrass suffocates your lawn then dies off in winter, leaving bare patches in your dormant lawns. Following spring the bare patch becomes a stronger weed from the previous seasons seeding and the problem continues to deteriorate. Crabgrass is listed as one of the 12 worst weeds in the world.

Crabgrass grows flat along the ground with wide leaves on very tough and wiry stems. The leaves of young plants will be rolled over in half, opening as the leaf matures. Masses of seeds are produced on several finger-like branches on top of the numerous stems produced by each Crowsfoot grass plant.

Crabgrass is very difficult to control with selective herbicides, as the weed is very similar in nature to many desirable grass varieties.

You will need to be aware of your turf variety to treat this weed, as it will determine what you use. If you are unsure, the Lawn Addicts team can provide information about turf identification.

Selective herbicides are available, for couch and couch varieties Tribute is a great option, otherwise contact us as we look as a case by case situation.  Spot poisoning with glyphosate based herbicide can also be an option along with hand removal.  Then use of a pre-emergent herbicide for furture protection.

Crabgrass is less likely to grow in a well-maintained lawn.

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