Blue Couch Plans

Blue Couch varieties are commonly used for lawns and landscaping in the subtropical and tropical regions of Australia, particularly in the state of Queensland and northern New South Wales. It’s known for its vibrant blue-green colour, fine texture, and overall ability to create a visually appealing lawn.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Blue Couch:

  1. Appearance: Blue Couch grass has a distinctive blue-green colour that gives it its name. The grass blades are relatively fine and create a dense, lush carpet-like appearance when properly maintained.
  2. Growth Habits: Blue Couch spreads through above-ground stolon’s, allowing it to cover the ground and create a dense turf.
  3. Suitability: Blue Couch is well-suited to warm and subtropical climates, making it a popular choice for regions with hot and humid summers. It can tolerate high temperatures and is relatively drought-resistant once established.
  4. Maintenance: While Blue Couch can establish a dense and attractive lawn, it does require proper maintenance to keep it looking its best. Regular mowing, irrigation, and fertilisation are important for its health and appearance.
  5. Durability: This variety is relatively durable and can handle moderate foot traffic. However, it may not be as hardy as some other warm-season grasses, so it’s important to avoid heavy wear and consider alternate grass options for areas with intense usage.
  6. Dormancy: Like most warm-season grasses, Blue Couch can go dormant during the cooler months, especially in areas with milder winters. During dormancy, the grass will turn brown but will usually recover its green colour once warmer weather returns.
  7. Shade Tolerance: Blue Couch has moderate shade tolerance, meaning it can grow in areas with partial sunlight. However, it generally performs best in areas with ample sunlight.

When establishing a Blue Couch lawn, it’s important to prepare the soil properly before planting, ensuring good drainage and fertility. Proper mowing practices, watering, following these lawn care plansĀ  are key to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn.

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Blue Couch

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