Irrigation Design and Supply

The Lawn Addicts brand is associated with quality products and quality services, this extends to our Irrigation design and supply services.  With offering free design and phone consultation if required of your new irrigation system, we will tailor a system to suit your properties needs exactly!

Automatic Irrigation System Irrigate Lawn TimeYou can choose from administering water to your garden and lawn automatically using precise computer algorithms and Wi-Fi control with market leading technology or make it at simple as manually turning on the tap.  You tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen and guarantee it to work.

If you are local to the Geelong area, we can even arrange installation.

Please fill out this detailed questionnaire where you can tell us about what you need,  upload some photos to help us understand the project and plans you have, the design process will likely involve a phone consultation with our design team once you have submitted the questionnaire.

We require a scaled drawings, these can even be hand drawn. We will re-design using our design software.

Please Include:

– Dimensions

– Where the water source is

– Where the buildings are

– Any footpaths, decks, trees etc…

– Type of watering : i.e.. garden-bed / lawn / veggie patch

On your approval we will ship everything you need as a complete kit.



Conditions: All designs are based on information provided and are free when purchasing products to complete. After supplying the information we will create the design and send you quote for supply. We do not provide the details of the design until paid in full. Once paid you will receive a PDF with the full design and details. If you wish to purchase just the design and not the product there will be a fee if $157.00 per design.



Irrigation Design & Quote Form

  • Please ignore if it is the same as above.
  • Tell us what you want. e.g., If you have a budget, we will try to squeeze what we can into it or If you have any special requests?
  • If you have an existing irrigation system, it may be used. Please select "Other" and comment telling us more about it. We cannot guarantee it or it's effects on the new system.
  • For us to design the best possible system, as much detail as possible helps with the process.
  • Tell us if there is a slope or gradient. How much is it? e.g. highest an lowest point and roughly the difference. Can you illustrate this in the pictures or plans?
  • Do you have any other water sources that can be used, such as tank, dams, rivers etc? Please tell us about it.
  • What is your flow rate? This is very important to know when designing your system. To conduct a bucket test to measure water flow, follow these steps: Gather the necessary equipment: -A bucket with known volume markings (preferably in litres) -A stopwatch or timer -The tap, water source, or pump. Choose a suitable location and time for the test, it is important to measure at the point where the irrigation is connected. Also test at the time of day when water pressure is at its lowest. Place the bucket on a stable surface directly under the water source. Open the water source to begin the flow of water into the bucket. Start the stopwatch or timer simultaneously. Time how long it takes to fill the bucket. Repeat the test 3 times and record the results here.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words; also include your diagram of the area to be irrigated with distances. Try to keep it on scale.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 7.

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