Fusion Trials and Testimonials

Through extensive trial and error experiments in a humble garden shed, a special formulation emerged with the goal of sustaining warm-season lawns during periods of slow growth and dormancy.

We produced a commercially producible sample with the correct combination of compounds, sequenced appropriately to create a stable concentrate for release in the market. Samples labelled “Confidential” were distributed nationwide for independent trials in diverse climates and on numerous grass varieties, yielding exceptional results. Including early preparation of Santa Ana turf wickets, accelerated turf establishment in cold conditions, improved performance of Zoysia varieties in cooler regions, quicker recovery from turf renovations and disease-affected greens, enhanced revival of frost-damaged turf, and the rescue of  diseased lawns. Most trials purposely took place in the southern areas of Australia where the warmer season lawns typically struggle and other hard to grow areas for all lawn varieties.

Fertech Fusion was born on the back of these independent and well documented trials.  It is a foliar liquid fertiliser meticulously formulated to stimulate and support cellular activity and development through nutritional and hormonal means. It is comprised of a precisely balanced blend of essential macro and micronutrients in a highly bioavailable form, maximizing absorption by semi-dormant to dormant turf plants. Additionally, a unique combination of organic and synthetic compounds facilitates nutrient chelation and aids in enzyme production, crucial for plant activity.

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Back in 2019, the formulation was found and refined.

Post done by Ryan Yockins 12/9/2022

“Here are a few pictures back when I was playing with #confidential formulations, note this is Santa Ana just outside of Geelong. Check the date stamp and Ugg boots 😂

Edit! I thought I put the pic up with the date stamp but didn’t 🤪. Need to keep testimonials legit 😁

Img 5019

Img 4988

Post done by Ryan Yockins 6/9/2022

First trials of the commercially developed product.

“Couple of trial pics of our new liquid we’ve been working on through winter.
-First picture is the evening it was sprayed 25/8
-Second was immediately after using an indicator and numbers are for variation testing purposes.
-Third is exactly one week later
-Fourth the morning of the 4/9
Lawn is dormant Santa Ana
Soil temp 12

Img 4979

Img 4980

Img 4981

Lawn Addicts Oval Turf Wicket

Post done by Ryan Yockins on 23/9/22

“Lawn Addicts Oval wicket deck update since trial of #confidential started. From first application to almost being able to start prep for a playable wicket with sub 13 degree soil temps. Wicket is Santa Ana”

Img 4991

Img 4990

Img 4992

Img 4993

Img 4994

Img 4995

Img 4996

Post on 7/9/22

“Another lucky one on the #confidential trial.
I had seen some initial results before my application and it certainly looked impressive but this stuff has left me speechless.
This lawn was mowed on Sunday and product applied across half the area that afternoon. My Kikuyu hasn’t stopped growing this year, mowing once every 7-10 days through Winter but its still been cold and rainy the past couple of days.
The response in two days is exceptional, easily double the vertical growth. It’s like it’s the middle of summer 😂 For any nay sayers or doubters, it isn’t liquid Urea and nothing else. That’s not the Lawn Addicts way. There’s a wide blend of good ingredients in there as well as some stuff kept up Yock’s sleeve.
Fair to say Ryan Yockins and Lawn Addicts are Innovators not Imitators!” Perth
Img 4998
Img 4998

Img 4999

Img 5001

Img 5002

Post on 12/9/22

“Some more #confidential bragging. Depth of colour over a week on some SWB is super impressive! Deep, dark green that would be arguably (and perhaps controversially) better than Special Fex IMO with a fraction of the Iron content 😍” Perth

Img 4971

Img 4972

Post done by Ryan Yockins on 22/9/22

“Shane Burkes Penncross bentgrass home grown green and chipping green. #confidential” in Ballarat

Img 4968

Img 4967

Post on 2/10/2022

“7 days after application, I’m gunna give it a mow 😳”  Bendigo

Img 4983

Img 4985

Img 4984
Img 4984

Img 4987

Img 4986

Post on 22/9/2022

“Another post about #confidential
Light scalp on my Kikuyu here in VIC on Tuesday and sprayed the liquid on Wednesday.
Obviously we’re still not getting the temps needed for proper growth but wanted to test this liquid out and put it through its paces.
So far so good. A lot more green/vertical growth and we’ll as recovery in the scalped sections.
This liquid is working wonders so far 👌” Bacchus Marsh

Img 4956

Img 4957

POST on 1/10/2022

“Another #confidential post for my Empire Zoysia in Geelong, Victoria. Comparison pics are 3 weeks apart as of today. This stuff has worked absolute magic. Can see so much difference in such little time.
I’ve given it 2 applications 2 weeks apart so far. Absolutely stoked to say the least!
Thanks Ryan! 🙌🏼

Img 4951

Img 4952

Img 4950

Img 4949

Img 4947

Img 4946

Img 4948

Post on 11/10/2022

“I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of the confidential fert from Ryan and tested it on a small patch of lawn that I’ve neglected for quite a while.
This patch is next to driveway and I’ve not bothered with it until the neighbour builds soon as the naturestrip will most likely be trashed by trucks.
1st photo is 1/10 and the other 2 photos from today.
I only sprayed the top half of the lawn and there is definitely more growth than the rest. Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice.
Ryan, you can be sure I’ll be putting in my order for this stuff when it’s available, it’s liquid gold.
#confidential” Bacchus Marsh Vic Kikuyu

Img 4941

Img 4940

Img 4942

Post on 9/9/2022

“Thanks Lawn Addicts for allowing me to trial the #confidential. Unbelievable results on the bent green and fescue surrounds. Been a long wet cold winter in Buninyong, Vic! Bring on spring!” Buninyong Vic

Img 4939

Img 4936

Img 4937

Img 4938

Post on 2/10/2022

“I was lucky enough to score a bottle from Ryan and be a part of the #confidential trial.
It’s been a tough first winter for my Kikuyu with all the wet weather here in Victoria.
Diseased, dormant and being recently battered from installing fence extensions. The lawn has seen better days.
Product was applied on the 22/09/2022.
First pic is before application on the 22/09/2022.
Second is on 24/09/2022
Third is on the 30/09/2022.
The recovery and growth has been nothing short of amazing, especially considering the amount of rain and cold weather we have had the past week since application.
Ryan and the team at Lawn Addicts Australia have always produced the goods, but this stuff is next level 🙌🏼” Torquay Vic

Img 4974

Img 4975

Img 4976

Post by Ryan Yockins 27/10/2022

“#confidential trial
Before and after full renovation of a Kikuyu lawn in Southern Vic. In 2 weeks!”

Img 5016

Img 5017

Post by Ryan Yockins 9/12/2022

“Mt Duneed Trial
The #confidential/ Fusion journey continues.
A November 19th many thousands of people were deeper than their ankles in mud dancing to Crowded House at the well publicised Day in the mud. It took 10 days to dry out before groundsmen could access the area with equipment to start repairs, at this point Mt Duneed reached out to us with 10 days to spare to produce nothing short of a miracle.
After a bit of thought, the next day (last Wednesday) I dropped off 200 Litres off Fusion, with the aim to publicly test the product and prove it’s worth.
See before and after pictures and vids and make your own mind up. Pics where taken on the 30/11/22 vs 9/12/22 so a nine day turn around.. Bring on the Killers!
Credit to Luke Holland who applied the Fusion and repaired and levelled the surface” Mount Moriac Vic

Img 5004

Img 5005

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