SR4660st Perennial Ryegrass 25kg Bag

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Analysis: Pure SR4660Product Details:

SR 4660st Perennial Ryegrass is a very attractive dark green and very fine leaf it is a far superior cultivar of Ryegrass (it is not a blend of cheaper varieties), endophyte-enhanced ryegrass that has the highest Grey Leaf Spot resistance of any perennial ryegrass. SR 4660st has demonstrated excellent wear and tare capabilities, making it superior for use on elite sports fields, parks and schools even our Backyards. The high summer performance,  its drought, stress and higher salt tolerance make SR 4660st ideal for permanent turf use. SR 4660 has also shown superior winter growth.

Coverage is 4-4.5kg per 100m2

Can only be sold in sealed certified bags to Tasmania.

Orders shipped to Tasmania unfortunately will incur $60 inc GST fees for quarantine certification which is a legal requirement. Purchase the certificate here.  Tasmanian Customs Certificate


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